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Nishga Territory to Heitsulk Territory

Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network

The Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network is made up of First Nations on the North and Central Coast of British Columbia who act as the eyes and the ears on our traditional lands and waters to protect valuable cultural and natural resources.

We monitor the impacts of resource activities such as fishing, logging and tourism, on the health of species that are important to our people. We have the authority under our traditional laws to protect important wildlife species such as bears and wolves, food sources such as crabs, salmon, and shellfish, and significant cultural resources such as middens, village sites and traditional harvesting grounds.
As neighbouring Nations we hold a common vision to protect the resources in our territories.

Through the Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network, we are working together with a united presence on BC’s coast to ensure that rules and regulations are enforced and avoid harmful impacts to our cultural and natural resources. Look for us out on the water – we are the ones flying the Guardian Watchmen flag.

Contact Person: 

Claire Hutton