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How to contribute information to this website

Registration - Join the Network - Register Here

The Indigenous Food Systems Network Website is designed to allow individuals and groups involved with Indigenous food related action, research, and policy reform to share relevant resources and information. Registration is not required to view the resources provided but it is required in order to upload recipes, stories & legends, profiles of people, projects and networks, tools and skill building documents, and information about upcoming events & activities. Registration will also allow you to comment on hot topics, profiles, policy reform, tools and skill building resources as well as some other uploaded materials.

All visitors to the site can quickly add any resource to a number of popular directories and social networking sites (Digg,, MySpace, Google, Facebook, etc.). Prior to registering, we recommend that you review both our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Adding Resources

Once registered, you will have the ability to add resources to the Indigenous Food Systems Network website. Here's an overview of the resource types you will be able to add:

  • Documents: .pdf, .txt, .rtf (see below for the advantages of pdf)
  • Audio Files: see below
  • Images: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif (see below for information on resizing images)
  • Websites: full website URL (eg.
  • Videos: see below

Advantages of using PDF

We recommend using documents that have been saved in the .pdf format for the following reasons:

  • they are compatible across Mac, Linux and Windows
  • software to view PDF files is free (download Adobe Reader if you do not already have it)
  • PDF documents generally have a smaller file size than their source document
  • they are viewable in most browsers

If you don't have the option to save documents as .pdf files, you can convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other files to PDF at PDF Converter. This site will allow you to create one PDF file for free every 30 minutes.

Uploading Images

To upload an image you must resize it so that the file size does not exceed 500KB. You can resize images in many image software applications such as Photoshop, Paint, iPhoto and Gimp. If you do not have any of these applications, or you do not know how to use them, you can use a simple online tool called Resize It.

To use Resize It, just go to the site and choose Portrait or Landscape depending on the format of your original image. Next just follow the 3 easy steps, you will not have to change any of the options unless you want to rotate the image. Once you hit Okay it may take quite a while depending on the size of your original image. After the process has finished you can right click on the newly re-sized image and save it. Please note that image will have a NEW (five digit) name. Now you can upload your new image to our site.

Adding Video and Audio Resources

In order to improve website and database performance, and reduce file storage, video files are not stored on the Indigenous Food Systems Network web server. You can add video resources to our website by adding an "embed" code from a video hosting service. We recommend both Vimeo and YouTube. Both of these services allow you to upload your video, and will provide you with the "embed" code necessary for posting to the Indigenous Food Systems Network website. Please note that all video files must be accompanied by transcriptions or a brief written summary for the hearing impaired. Remember, services such as Vimeo and YouTube set their own policies and terms of use, and are not affiliated with us in any way.

For any general inquires or specific questions, please feel free to contact us.